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  • Visalakshi G.

    Cami has been both our buyer agent and later our seller agent and in both the situation she has been extremely professional, unbiased. She is available all the time and we trust her completely. In return she has helped us get the best deal possible both as a buyer and later as a seller. It is very rare to be extremely satisfied in both the situations and we think it's only because of her commitment to our best interest. We still remember on the day of our closing one of the officers mentioning that Came keeps us all on our toes - goes to our to prove that if she represents you everybody will be working towards your interest. We honestly believe that if you work with her your experience is going to be way beyond what you would have expected or experienced.
  • Jenny D.

    Cami was amazing! This wasn't my first home so I thought I knew what to expect from a realtor but Cami changed my definition of one for sure! She was caring and thoughtful and listened to all of my requests. Her response time was impeccable and because of Cami we found the perfect home for us in a very short amount of time. Cami is reliable, efficient and communicated very effectively to all parties involved. In fact, because she communicated to the owners that we were very much interested, we got the house through the second round of offers after being rejected initially. She was always so helpful in describing and educating us on the current housing market as well. It allowed us to make better decisions on price and let us understand what we can and cannot afford. In the end, we got the results we wanted and in a very short time. I would highly recommend Cami to everyone that is looking for a realtor!!!
  • Blake

    My brother and I selected Cami to help us sell our Dad's home in the Cambrian Park area of San Jose recently. She was great. She listened to our original plans for the house (do nothing) and convinced us that just a little bit of work would pay off. She helped get bids for the work, helped us choose contractors, helped select colors and made various design suggestions. I'm convinced that the work paid off many times over. We had 5 bids within 5 days, all over the asking price. We couldn't have asked for any better results, nor any better service and attention to detail. If you want someone in your corner giving 110% - pick Cami !!!!
  • Az Z.

    My husband and I met Cami over a year ago at one of her open houses. We were not ready to buy then, as we were more exploring the market. Because of her dedication in helping us, Cami continued to stay in contact with us. This year we then reached out to her and she remembered us very well. We wanted to buy in the SJ area and Cami was very knowledgeable about that area. After only a few visits to homes, she understood what we were looking for. Unlike other realtors who simply wait on what buyers find on Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, Cami does her own research and makes suggestions as to which homes she thinks would be a good fit with what we like. She even found a way to show us a house that she thought we would like before it listed for sale. Cami accommodated us very easily and many times at the last minute to show us homes. Cami was also very persistent, thorough and pleasant to work with. We would highly recommend Cami for her hard work, dedication and easiness to work with.
  • Shekar K.

    Experienced a 5 star Home Buying and Selling experience. We met Cami during one of her open houses and immediately connected with her. Even though she knew we were just looking around and not interested in the house she was showing, Cami gave us all her attention and answered all our questions, and that for us set her way above rest of the agents, who would just ignore us if they knew we were not interested in buying. She was our first choice when we decided to buy a house. ( I must say, unlike other agents, she never solicited us and waited for us to approach her !!) Her opinions were unbiased, professional and honest. In today's competitive market its important to find an agent who understands the workings of the market movement and at the same time keep the clients requirements in mind. Cami is as good as we could get! She understood our requirement and got us the house we wanted. She held her calm when in certain situations we had panicked and hoped for the worst, but her professionalism got us what we wanted. If you're looking for a person who speaks for you, who knows your needs and who holds her clients wishes at highest regard - Cami is the agent for you!! She will be there from the beginning till the end and will rest only after the keys are finally in your hands. If you are looking for a house, go ask Cami to help you, she will get you what you want! I highly recommend her! When it was time to sell our home, Cami was the first and only agent we knew we had to get represent us. Her dedication and professionalism is way beyond any agent we have had an opportunity to work with. We have worked with Cami as both our buyer agent and our seller agent and in both the situation she has been extremely professional, unbiased and always gives us the correct advice. We trust her completely, and in return she has helped us get the best deal possible both as a buyer and later as a seller. It is very rare to be extremely satisfied in both the situations and we think its only because of her commitment to our best interest. We still remember on the day of our closing one of the officers mentioning that Cami keeps us all in our toes - goes to our to prove that if she represents you everybody will be working towards your interest. She is always available and we honestly believe that if you work with her your experience is going to be way beyond what you would have expected or experienced.
  • Krishna R.

    Its five star for our realtor Cami Czarny. As a first time home buyer in a new country, me and my wife were wondering with many questions and preferences for investing in a house. Cami gave not only an answer for all our questions but also understood all our preferences and choices. Cami is very knowledgeable and professional about this field and as our agent she made things happen quickly and in less notice. She was reachable all time for any questions even in odd hours. We did see 5 houses with her and she gave an honest opinion for all with pros and cons for each house and all legal questions and helped us in judging for each houses. Even when all information are available in the cloud, as a buyer we would still need more to make a supportive decision and Cami was helping us through start to end. We never lost hope with her and she made it really happen and to everybody surprise she negotiated a very best price than we expected. She is very humble, patient and friendly as a person. Cami is now more than a realtor for us, a family friend too. We would definitely recommend Cami to be your realtor.
  • Les M.

    Mrs Cami Czarny is "the best of the best". We were unable to decide to re-rent our single family home investment property or to 1031 exchange; Cami was a positive influence and patient with us; she committed her time to helping us achieve our property restoration goals and provided professional knowledge her's and specialists on all aspects of real estate. She was very sensitive to our future needs and goals and was tireless in helping us to ultimately decide our investment direction; we did not elect to pursue a 1031 exchange only due to our long term emotional ties to the existing investment and have re-rented the home for at least "one more go around" before we will enlist Cami to pursue a future 1031 exchange for us.
  • Jen S.

    Cami helped us with the sale of our Santa Clara Condo. She is a true professional. She had a solid game plan as to how she was going to market the property and she followed through on all procedures and deadlines. Cami takes a personal approach to the home sales process and not only becomes your realtor but your friend as well. Came promised that she would get us the best value on the sale of our home and proceeded to follow through on that promise. Just a great agent!
  • Ashvin M.

    Cami helped us buy a home in San Jose. We met her at her office in Los Gatos and found her to be professional and honest. She is very knowledgable about the localities, schools and the facilities. She was always ready to answer our questions and made sure all our requirements were addressed when it came to selecting our home. She always provided insightful advice which aided us in our decision making. She was patient in all walk throughs making sure we noticed any minor issues which we may have overlooked. When we were getting ready to closing on the home, due to our specific situation, she carried the burden of co-ordination among the stakeholders while shielding us from a lot of stress. She is now a dear family friend and is always ready to help us. We absolutely recommend her for any home buyer, you will be delighted with her services.
  • Fardad K.

    Cami offered her expertise on how to prepare my house to get top dollar while being mindful of up front costs; she communicated with home service providers and was available to get my property ready for the market; she coordinated with all parties involved to have a smooth transaction from the start to the very end. Her professional knowledge helped me understand the market better,her personality created our work environment pleasant, and her negotiation skills helped me get the results I desired and in the time that I wanted. She exceeded my expectations.
  • Praveen C.

    Cami is just awesome. She was patient and takes a lot of pain to hear us out, our requirements, explains things patiently. We bought a newly built condo. She made sure that she was present with us on every visit and at every stage of the project. She asked the right questions to the sales person. She was instrumental in getting us a good amount of upgrades, free of cost from the builder. Since it was our first home she made sure that she explained almost all of the things we are going to deal with. She was never pushy and never gets you to do what she wants. It was always us and what we want with subtle guidance from her. Would definitely recommend her and would say a big thank you for all the help she has provided.
  • Carol H.

    Cami is awesome. This is not the first time we sold a home, but I don't remember working with someone as organized, caring and efficient as Cami. She was always on top of what needed to be done. Cami was always communicating with us on what was going on and what we needed to do. If you are looking for an excellent realtor that takes the time to meet with you and is pleasant to work with then Cami is the one.
  • Sinthanaiselvan M.

    Cami exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend cami to anyone thinking of buying their dream home , especially first time buyer. Cami did an excellent Job keeping us in the loop every single step of visiting open house, preparing an offer and acting swiftly to win the bid Cami was always available to answer our questions and responded quickly via text and email.
  • Brian L.

    Cami is as good as it gets! My wife and I just purchased our 1st home in California and Cami was extremely key in helping us hone in on the type of home that we were looking for and helping us understand the market in more detail. She went above and beyond in meeting us on nights and weekends at times that were easy for us both of us work and we have a little one. When we found a few homes that we liked she guided us through the process of documentation and paperwork. To borrow from another reviewer she nailed it "her response time was impeccable and because of Cami we found the perfect home for us in a very short amount of time". If you are in the market for a new place to live...don't pass up an opportunity to work with Cami!
  • Ben T.

    I really don't know where to begin? This lady is amazing ! I met cami couple of yrs before actually selling my house . We had stayed in contact over the next couple of years , I was going back and forth in regards to listing property . When I finally decided I wanted to sell I contacted cami . She is the one I trusted explaining my personal issues and what I expected moving forward .. she helped me considerably ,with all my inspections !! And request s! nShe is very dedicated to her clients , and career .very honest and straight to the point ! Always returns calls and emails promptly . Thanks you again Cami for your hard work and dedication.
  • Siby M.

    Thanks Cami, for making the deal happen, where I had no hope of getting the home. Above statement says it all. Cami is pure energy. Her care towards home buyers and sellers, gamut of knowledge in real estate, process oriented approach, keen observation, diligent follow ups, will help even a layman to buy or sell a home in a breeze. I am happy that we bought our home and more happy that Cami was there to help us in the whole process. Her honest and unbiased approach is commendable. Our process was not a regular one, where the offer gets signed and at the end of the offer period we got our home. We had several issues, from seller side but with Cami’s guidance, we resolved the issues smoothly. She has lots of 3rd party contacts, from CPA, Handyman, General Contractor, who are all also equally responsible and accountable as her. No wonder if Cami suggests, they would be skilled. Given another chance, I would love to work with Cami for any real estate related operations. I highly recommend her service.
  • Marcio S.

    Cami is an outstanding agent. We interviewed several realtors before we decided on going with Cami and are very happy to have made this decision. Cami is professional, prepared and informed. She sticks to all her deadlines. The staging of our condo was meticulous, leading to return on our sale way beyond our expectation. Thank you Cami!
  • Chris F.

    Cami was the best... Knowledgeable, Expertise and responsiveness were five stars all the way. Professionalism, knowledge of the market and communication were all above five stars in my opinion. I would recommend Cami to anyone any time, she became a true friend... If you want the most bang for your buck Cami is the one.... hanks Cami for everything.
  • Saranya M.

    Cami's experience and knowledge helped us find our home in very less time. She was available for each walk through of our newly constructed townhomes and since we had a new home she was very helpful in making decisions in customizing and upgrading our town home. Not all realtors has the patience to come with us for each small walk through after closing on a house. I would recommend her for any home buyers and would definitely consider her in future.
  • Shubha G.

    We had a very good experience working with Cami and are very happy. Cami made sure that she was available at each and every step of our home buying process. She ensured that things moved smoothly and quickly to get a quick closure. She always stays on top of things and ready to go that extra mile to help us out. She is detail oriented, very dedicated and extremely professional and provided guidance trying to cater to our needs. Finally , she never gives up and leaves no stone unturned!
  • Annie P.

    We worked with Cami Czarny to buy our home in San Jose and she was outstanding. We met Cami at her office in Los Gatos and immediately connected together. Some our friends were her clients before. They referred us Cami. Cami Czarny is one of the rare realtor, who possess intellectual and emotional quotient in real estate market space. She was very patiently listening to our requirements. We were extremely impressed with her professionalism and profound knowledge. As a first time home buyer, we were not familiar with the process involved. She answered every question and explained every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. We are happy in finding our new home, with all of our requirements fulfilled.
  • Thom S.

    Cami goes way above and beyond what anyone would expect. She is professional,organized,reliable and fun to work with. We just purchased a townhouse using her and she made the experience possible. From the first day we talked to her to the day after our closing she was always there to help. In my opinion this is the only person to use when looking for your home. She want to get to know exactly what you are looking for and then she gets the inventory available for you to see. She does not just send you a list of what is on the market she is hands on in finding you exactly what you want. I would never use anyone else! She is amazing!
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    Cami Czarny is a leading real estate agent and has helped many buyers & sellers achieve their real estate dreams in Los Gatos, San Jose, and surrounding communities.